EMT - Critical Care & Paramedic

Work Hours
Evergreen - Not a specific position
Weekend Requirements
Working every other weekend required and holidays as scheduled


Pre-hospital:    The AEMT (Critical Care) functions as defined by New York State Department of Health, EmergencyMedical Services certification standards. Performs all duties as outlined by local Medical Control Protocols.

Hospital:          The AEMT (Critical Care) performs various duties as outlined in the Job Description, and assists staff nurses and physicians in the treatment and care of patients in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the Medical Center. All ambulance calls will take priority over the assignment.


  1. Provides patient care in accordance with NYSDOH and Mountain Lakes Protocols.
  2. Documents all patient care on the pre-hospital care report (PCR), including hand-off of care once patient reaches their destination.
  3. Communicates directly to the patient (and family members) as to the care being provided, and assures patient confidentiality at all times.
  4. Completes department orientation including all established competencies and checklists, to include emergency vehicle operations.
  5. Provides care using infection control practices as outlined in CVPH policies/procedures.
  6. Adheres to organization and department safety standards, and wears appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required.
  7. Adheres to the CVPH and EMT of CVPH Uniform Policy.
  8. Maintains a safe working environment for patients and staff.
  9. Adheres to the EMT of CVPH Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG’s)
  10. Performs and documents daily rig and equipment checks (inspection) at the start of every shift.
  11. Performs and documents monthly supply, medication, and equipment out date inspections and replaces as needed.
  12. Takes direction from the senior EMT-CC or EMT-P while operating on a call/scene.
  13. Maintains all certifications related to current title/position as per NYSDOH, Mountain Lakes, and CVPH requirements.
  14. Drives and operates ambulance in a safe manner and adheres to all DOT regulations.
  15. Completes all CVPH annual requirements on time. (Physical, TB test, Fit test).
  16. Plays an active role in the departments Quality Assurance Program.
  17. Assists in the Emergency Room as needed under the direction of the charge nurse.
  18. Transport crews are to back up the 911 service line as needed due to call volume and/or staffing issues, and respond to such calls appropriately.
  19. Ensures the ambulances are clean, fully stocked, and ready to respond at all times. This includes getting the rig back in service after each call.
  20. Reports any and all issues pertaining to patient care, ambulances, equipment, and supplies to management in a timely manner, and submit an incident report as required.
  21. Demonstrates knowledge/ability to effectively use applicable devices and technology (computer, ImageTrend ePCR’s, Aladtec, etc.)
  22. Promotes teamwork among each other and other care providers.
  23. Other duties as assigned.


  1. High school graduate or equivalent work experience, including ability to read, write and comprehend medical terminology.
  2. AEMT III certification required. Previous experience as an AEMT III preferred.
  3. On-line status in Mountain Lakes Region preferred.
  4. Meets requirements of pre-employment screening and physical.
  5. Holds a current U.S. Driver's license.
  6. Meets requirement to drive an ambulance.


As applicable, the individual has training/competency in attending to the special needs and/or behaviors appropriate to the age of patients for which care is being provided.


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