LPN OR Technician

Operating Room
Work Hours
Position Type
Regular Full-Time
Hours Per 2-Week Pay Period
80 Hours
Weekend Requirements
Weekends and holidays as scheduled


An LPN/Operating Room Technician (LPN/ORT) is a member of the surgical team who acts as a primary scrub person and must be technically adept by handling the instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary before, during and after the surgical procedure. LPN/ORTs are required to perform all cases that surgeons perform. He/She may also circulate under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse. The LPN/ORT must be able to take call as scheduled, anticipate the needs of the surgeon, have excellent adaptation and coping skills, have excellent organizational skills and be a team player. Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time. Must be able to lift patient and equipment with assistance of other personnel or without as need dictates. LPN/ORT must have excellent communication skills and maintains asepsis at all times. Must be able to serve as a resource person for certain specialties. Will assist directly with the orientation, training and serve as a mentor for new LPN/ORTs. Must be able to work closely with RNs in room and management about instrumentation and equipment for cases. Also will assist in education of all LPN/ORTs. LPN/ORTs will work primarily at CVPH main campus with assignments to Ambulatory Surgery Center.


The LPN/ORT can assist the Pre-op and Post-op areas by performing various duties under direction of unit director/manager or registered nurse. The LPN/ORT can assist in treatment and care of patients, collect blood and other patient samples, perform ECGs and assist in receptionist/clerical activities.

Special Criteria Details

External candidates are eligible for a one-time signing bonus of $7,500 (prorated for part time roles). Please note that current University of Vermont Health Network employees are excluded from eligibility for this bonus. Additional terms and conditions apply. On-Call as Scheduled/Endo Float/ *WAIVER REQUIRED


1.     As directed, takes and records temperature, pulse, respiration, weight, height, intake/output measurements, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry.

2.     Supports patient in all activities of daily living to include maintaining patients' clothing and other personal property (including prosthetic devices, hearing aids, dentures, contact lenses, etc.).

3.     Assists physician and nursing staff with procedures as directed.

4.     Performs in crisis and emergency (e.g. cardiopulmonary arrest and the Heimlich Maneuver) while maintaining a positive calm approach.

5.     Assists the RN in accomplishment of patient care and/or unit tasks.

6.     Documents/Communicates care consistently and timely to the RN to include any changes observed in condition or behavior of patient.

7.     Provides care according to standards to the patient requiring restraints/protective/ supportive devices, fall protocol, wandering/elopement/suicide/abduction and seizure precautions.

8.     Provides care to the patient with skin care and nutritional needs.

9.     Assists with positioning patient, lifting and turning patient with proper body mechanics, applying/utilizing special equipment as necessary, and ambulating the infant, toddler, older child, adolescent, adult and geriatric patient as directed.

10.  Assists with care for the newly admitted, transferred (including pre/post procedure patient), and discharged infant, toddler, older child, adolescent, adult and geriatric or expired patient (post mortem care).

11.  Demonstrates knowledge/ability to effectively use applicable devices and technology (computer, patient lift, urinary catheter, etc.).

12.  Provides care using infection control practices as outlined in Medical Center policies/procedures (e.g., Universal Standard Precautions and Isolation Techniques).

13.  Assembles and maintains patient records.

14.  Obtains/Records 12 lead EKG.

15.  Assists other team members in accomplishment of patient care and/or unit tasks.

16.  Assembles and maintains patient records in PASS, ACU and PACU.

17.  Assists with patient transport.

18.  Monitor and retrieve hemodynamic equipment according to equipment list.

19.  Provides care for the patient requiring bedside blood glucose monitoring (e.g. Universal Precautions and Isolation Techniques).

20.  Provides care for the patient requiring oxygen saturation monitoring using the pulse oximeter, selecting appropriate probe dependent upon patient’s age/size.

21.  Collects and records clinical/personal data and compiles statistical data as assigned.

22.  Provides care to the patient requiring specimen collection.

23.  Labels all specimens according to labeling standards.

24.  Collects blood samples from neonates to the geriatric patients via venipuncture or capillary methods.

(A)   Informs the patient or consenting adult of the anticipated procedure.

(B)   Identifies indications for specific size of venipuncture needle/ collection device.

(C)  Identifies blood collection tubes for blood collection.  

(D)  Identifies contraindications for specific extremity, or area of venipuncture.

(E)   Performs venipuncture using accepted technique.

(F)   Secures area of venipuncture with tape and dry dressing.

25.  Performs collection of some non-blood specimens such as throat cultures as outlined in the phlebotomy procedure manual.

26.  Reads posted communications in a timely manner.

27.  Assists in maintaining a safe, clean stocked and functional environment by maintaining PAR levels, reporting equipment that is out of order or outdated inventory.

28.  Supports fluctuation in patient care needs by floating/overtime when required.

29.  Other duties as assigned.

30.  Ensures necessary equipment, supplies and instrumentation are available in a timely manner.

31.  Identifies/Utilizes appropriate methods of sterilization/disinfection.

32.  Maintains principles of aseptic technique.

33.  Sets up mayo stand and back table to facilitate handling of instruments and supplies during surgical procedure.

34.  Functions as a scrubbed member of the surgical team, selecting/ providing instrumentation appropriate to the patient's size/age.

35.  Assists in the circulating role for the infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric patient under direct supervision of the RN.

36.  Maintains a safe, infection-controlled environment by defined attire, traffic policies, universal precautions and isolation techniques.

37.  Helps prepare room between patients in a timely manner.

38.  Terminally cleans OR suite and stock room at end of schedule.

39.  Follows safety measures to protect patient and team members.

40.  Provides assistance for the patient in cardiopulmonary arrest or malignant hyperthermia crisis.  

41.  Reads posted communication in a timely manner.

42.  Ensure proper and safe specimen procurement and handling.

43.  Ensure case carts and equipment are delivered safely to Sterile Processing Department.

44.  Assist in case cart picking, when needed.

45.  Set up room for next day’s cases.

46.  Maintain a clean and safe surgical environment.

47.    Other duties as assigned.


Education/Skills Required:

  1. High school graduate or equivalent.
  1. Currently Licensed Practical Nurse in New York State.
  1. Meets requirements of pre-employment screening and physical.
  2. Excellent attendance record required.
  3. Process basic windows knowledge.
  4. Must be able to take call as scheduled.
  5. Must be self-motivated and technically adept.
  6. Able to handle a high stress level.
  7. Must be able to stand for prolonged periods.
  8. BLS Certified preferred or obtain within six months.
  9. Knowledge of technical OR equipment and/or Anatomy & Physiology.


As applicable, the individual has training/competency in attending to the special needs and/or behaviors appropriate to the age of the patients for which care is being provided.


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